RVF750-RC45 Suspension Tuning

The RC45 as stock is very good for the road. As with everything though, it can be improved upon.
First thing's first though, always make sure both the front forks and rear shock absorber are in good condition, with fresh oil and no leaks.

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The RC45 is very low at the rear, which makes the steering lazy but increases on-road stability. Improvements in handing can be made by either fitting a spacer under the top shock linkage mount, by fitting a HRC ride height adjuster, or one of Force-V4.com's SPL ride height adjusters.

If using the standard rear shock it is also required that the HRC “B” linkage is used to allow clearance between the shock and the linkage on full extension.

HRC and Öhlins offer a number of different spring for the standard front forks.



The most common shock to be fitted to the RC45 is the Öhlins. This comes equipped with ride height adjustment and does not need the HRC adjuster or linkage. This fits the standard linkage and swinging arm.

The second is the SBK Öhlins shock and linkage kit. This replaces the stock linkage with an Öhlins designed unit as well as using a different Öhlins shock. This is the better of the two Öhlins arrangements available but does have its drawbacks. First the SBK linkage can not be used with a HRC swinging arm unless both the linkage and swingarm are re-machined. This linkage also nearly always fouls both a HRC exhaust system and the Yoshimura exhaust systems.

The final option is the HRC Showa shock. This can only be installed when used with the HRC swinging arm and requires the use of the HRC “A” shock linkage, tie rods and ride hight adjuster.


Five types of swing arms were made for the RC45. Four of these being available to buy in the HRC kits.


Both Öhlins and HRC make front fork springs for the standard forks. The most commonly fitted are the Öhlins.

Öhlins also make direct replacement Road and Track forks designed to use all the standard hardware such as mudguard (fender) and wheels. These can be fitted with the stock yokes and clipons.

HRC front forks were made by Showa. These can not be fitted using the standard parts and require either the HRC yokes or the standard yokes to be re-machined. The standard yoke and HRC yoke also have a different offset. These forks also require the use of a HRC spindle and the 40mm pitch Brembo callipers.

HLC NL5 Forks

1994 HRC RVF750 NL5 Forks

Quick release "drop-outs" with Brembo monobloc calipers mean front wheel changes can be performed in approximately 20 seconds.

HRC NL5 Rear Shock

1994 HRC RVF750 Rear Shock

This can only be installed when used with the HRC swinging arm and requires the use of the HRC “A” shock linkage, tie rods and ride hight adjuster.

HRC NL5 Swingarm

1994 HRC RVF750 NL5 Swingarm

The NL5 kit rear axle enables wheel changes in around 15 seconds.