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Honda V4s are our passion!

Established in 2009, Force-V4 is the sister site to NSR-WORLD.COMOpens in a new tab., both of which complement Performance EngineeringOpens in a new tab..

VFR750R RC30 by Performance Engineering
VFR750R RC30 Endurance Racer by Performance Engineering

Until now our main focus has been with the RVF750 RC45, but in recent years we have built and raced a fully kitted VFR750R RC30, and more recently acquired a factory-supported RC30 NL0B complete with Suzuka 8hr history!

2017 saw us complete the No Limits Racing 1000km at Donington Park with the RC30, and also visit the Bol d'Or Classic for the first time. Although we had to unfortunately withdraw from the event after a crash in free practice caused internal engine damage, we still qualified as top 750 overall, and fastest Honda outright!

For 2 years we also campaigned our HRC kitted RVF750 RC45 NL5, finishing every race we entered, despite a couple of heavy crashes at Brands Hatch in 2016 and Donington Park in 2017.

To date we're still the only team to regularly compete in the No Limits National Endurance 1000 with a single bike & two riders, in the true spirit of endurance racing.


Introduction to Honda's racing V4s

2024 will see the 46th anniversary of Honda's legendary V4 series of motorcycles.

In 1977 Honda announced its return to the premier racing class of World Grand Prix, which saw the introduction of the revolutionary NR500 in 1978.