VFR750R-RC30 Suspension Tuning

The RC30 as stock is very good for the road. As with everything though, it can be improved upon.

First thing's first though, always make sure both the front forks and rear shock absorber are in good condition, with fresh oil and no leaks.

Similar to the RC45, the RC30 is low at the rear, which makes the steering a little lazy, but increases on-road stability. It's not as "relaxed" as the RC45, but can be improved upon greatly. A significant improvement in handing can be made by fitting an HRC ride height adjuster.

An NL0B style shock rocker arm assembly can also be used to modify [stiffen] the rising rate of the rear suspension.

HRC NL0 Ride Height Adjustment

Adjust Rear Ride Height

Tyre Size Projection
18" 10mm
17" 13mm

HRC NL0B Rear Shock Rocker

RC30 Rear Shock Rocker

Revised geometry of the NL0B rocker increases the rising rate of the rear suspension dramatically.

Available soon from Force-V4/Performance Engineering.