VFR750R-RC30 Exhaust Tuning

All VFR750R exhaust systems are restrictive in some form.

All restrictions are in the rear half of the system; particularly the silencer.

The only real option for the RC30 is a complete replacement system. Currently Ladybird in Japan and Termignoni in Italy are the only companies offering systems. The titanium Ladybird comes in at approximately ¥200,000 (£1350/$1800), while the stainless steel Termignoni is a more reasonable €1100 (£975/$1300)

A slip-on silencer is an additional option, however it means cutting the standard OEM silencer off a system that is worth a lot money undamaged.

A race exhaust is absolutely essential to liberate the potential of the RC30 motor. Even without porting, around 115hp is possible with a race system... some 15% increase over [unrestricted] standard.

RC30 Ladybird System

¥200,000 (2017)


RC30 Termignoni System

€1100 (2017)


TYGA Performance Carbon Silencer

Micron system with TYGA silencer

GTPE RC30 Endurance Racer

RC30 Termignoni System

Termignoni system

Rumi Superbike