VFR750R-RC30 Engine Tuning

The RC30 motor is a product of over 8 years of intensive race development, and as standard is ready-to-race. Consequently the stock motor is difficult to improve upon by the general enthusiast.

Gains can be made in several areas of the VFR750R motor, however the work should be entrusted to an RC30 specialist because it is very easy to reduce the performance rather than increase it.

RC30 Stainless Steel Valves

By Performance Enginering

Stainless steel inlet & exhaust valves are a worthwhile upgrade over the "soft" OEM valves.

Inlet valves also available in +0.5mm.

HRC NL0 Cam Carrier Shims

By Performance Engineering

HRC cam carrier shims are required to set the correct backlash on the cams after skimming the heads.

Available in various thicknesses.


NL0B head with bronze & copper valve seats

Increased performance & durability in race conditions.

Bronze & copper seats dissipate heat much more efficiently than steel, and are also more suited to the factory titanium valves.

NL0 Porting Smoothing

NL0 Porting

The porting adjacent to the valve seats is particularly sensitive to change, and great care must be taken when modifying this area.

Remove burrs from edges or shoulders on the ports by using a stip of sand paper and sliding it over the surfaces carefully.

NL0B Sump Baffle

NL0B Sump Baffle from Force-V4

In extreme circumstances, oil surge can both fill the front cylinders with oil, and simultaneously starve the rear cylinders.