VFR750R-RC30 Brake Tuning

The VFR750R were pretty good in the late 80s, however they are woefully lacking by today's standards.

The OEM RC30 calipers are fine for road use, and still stand up to a bit of track abuse, but must be kept in A1 condition. The discs are prone to warping, and tend to react a little inconsistently with non-Honda brake pads.

The HRC NL0 race kit contained new cast iron vented discs in 1991, and an alloy spacer kit to fit between the caliper halves.

The vented discs and new NL0 calipers were a huge improvement, but are extremely difficult & expensive to source, and do not play well with non-Honda [HRC] brake pads. A better option these days are Brembo rotors and matching pads.

As always, stainless steel brake lines are almost a prerequisite upgrade over the standard rubber brake lines. Rubber brake lines should be replaced around every 4 years, whereas HEL Performance lines have a lifetime warranty.

HRC NL0B Calipers

1991 NL0 Spec Calipers

Note the alloy spacer between the caliper halves, to allow fitment of the wider HRC vented discs.

The NL0 calipers differ from the standard calipers by not having dust seals, so need regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure the pistons do not stick.

HRC NL0 Disc

NL0 Discs

1991 HRC NL0 discs are essentially the same as those used on the RVF750-RC45 NL5.

RC30 MR7 Caliper & Brembo Disc

Brembo offer the latest materials to RC30 owners.

Stainless steel rotors with lightweight alloy carriers, and matching Brembo pads improve brake efficiency and durability.