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RVFRC45 gary

Joined: 15 Aug 2013
Posts: 32
Location: Essex


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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 7:10 pm    Post subject: December sportsbikes  

Hi All,
Well a fellow 45 owner phoned me and told me about a article
in the above magazine that would possible interest me.
I guess most have already bought it but I nipped down to our local
WH sm ths and got a copy.
Well on page 95 and 5 pages about our brilliant 45s
The first thing that always comes is up how many 45 were made.
Even in this article I'm still not sure.
Value is another, but my feelings are its only worth as much as someone is prepared to pay.
One thing that I have mentioned before is about the RR v RS the differences.
They also mention the frame being a different part no and the RS engine being 7mm more forward but no evidence given.
Anyway people say lack of activity on the 45 forum so lets gets talking.
Magazine is always good to keep anyway.
Cheers Gary.
PS why do they always try to put the Ducati 916sp being a better bike.
they never say it was nearly 200cc bigger engine. ok rant over.
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Joined: 22 Jan 2018
Posts: 12


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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:59 am    Post subject: Mag article  

As this was a 'buyers guide' I wasn't expecting it to be too technical, hopefully they will do a tech article in the future. I have been waiting for the Japanese book/magazine 'Racers' to do an RC45 special, they have done RC30 before and it's only a matter of time before our beloved RC45 gets done.
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Busy Little Shop
Advanced Member
Advanced Member

Joined: 26 Nov 2009
Posts: 450
Location: California USA


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PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:31 am    Post subject:  

I order Practical Sportbike to add to my comprehensive RC45 magazine
collection totaling 150 articles... however our understanding so far is as follows...

Honda built 500 RC45s to comply with the 1994 homologation rules which
stated Manufacturers who produced more than 100,000 motorcycles a year
must ante up 500 of a bike for which they are requesting homologation...

Thanks to Kuro the only differences between the RR 50100-MW4-000 and
the RS 50100-MW4-850 frames are strengthening points... there was no
change in engine positioning with respect to frame... If Honda had
changed this critical position WSBK rules dictate homologation of
another 500 bikes with its own model identifier but what we have are
500 MW4 models world wide with frames that carry the same MW4 model
applicable identifier...

Mercy!!! Ducati's lip stick and high heels 916 won a number of test based on
pure charm... like this Sportbike of the Year test...

Quote Superbike tester GF on the RC45:

"Straight out of the crate, this is the best bike of 1994, no
question. Flat, fat spread of torque, instant throttle response and
handling to die for make the RC45 the fastest, bar nothing, over a
given stretch of road. These Showa units must count for their fair
share of that grand price tag. "You can push further, go faster and
still have an enormous safety margin with the RC45. I loved it. Tall
first gear is brilliant. "Coming out of Pembrey's unspeakable hairpin,
I had to clutch in first to get a move on. As for the engine: what a
babe. This isn't boring or flat, it's quick and utterly usable with
grunt that makes a load of 1000s seem sick in comparison.

Quote Superbike tester JS on the 916...

"The only thing that strikes you after the RC45 is the 916s front end.
It's neither as stable nor as neutral as the Honda. The 916 is very
light on the front, giving it a mild inclination to Fire-Blade-esque
skittishness when gassing hard over the bumpy roads. Handling isn't
quite as neutral on planted as the RC45. It's very very good, but the
front end's a little bouncier through a given series of corners.
Nothing like a super sway 888 or rebound murdered 900SS, and nothing
that would cause a rider to slow up but, ultimately the RC45 is a
faster, safer, purer handling bike"

What wins???

"The new Superbike of the Year. Unbeatable mix of booming motor,
handling, and the styling beat off Honda's RC45, but not by much. Lack
of brakes is pathetic."

"A close second to the Ducati, beaten more by charisma than
performance. Flat, torquey motor, excellent handling and demon
chuckablity make it a wicked sportbike"
Larry L
94 RC45 #2 / RC30 #44
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RVFRC45 gary

Joined: 15 Aug 2013
Posts: 32
Location: Essex


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PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:45 pm    Post subject:  

Hi All,
Glad that I got a few replies.
Well yes it would be great if someone produced a book with
all the information req.
I can understand the 500 being made for race regulations.
Its the random figure of 200 RS being made that I find frustrating.
Maybe a silly comment, but would frame strengthening dictate a further 500 being made.
keep talking and thank you for the 45v Ducati articles.
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Site Admin
Site Admin

Joined: 25 Oct 2009
Posts: 559
Location: Cornwall, UK


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PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:39 pm    Post subject:  

They made many more than 500 RR's. 500 was just the minimum number they had to made. Ive seen Japanese market chassis numbers well over the 200 mark. RR models over 500 and RS over 200.
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